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About Us

We are Zach Cotogni and Michaela Cotogni; siblings and the minds behind Blue Honey.

A little about Zach...

(He/Him) I'm 35 years old from the Hutt Valley and have spent much of my life feeling misplaced and different.

I didn't fit in at my primary or intermediate and by the time high school came around I didn't have much hope of anything changing there.

To escape the constant out of place feeling and "misfit" label, I threw myself into a world of drugs.

The abuse and addictions brought on heavy paranoia and drug psychosis which ended up ruling my every day life.

Alcohol would dampen these emotions (or so I thought) but would really just turn me into an over confident, angry and unstable human being - where I would end up projecting my insecurities and pain onto my family, partners, friends or even complete strangers.

Mushrooms Containing Psilocybin saved me.

I haven't had an alcoholic drink in 8 years now, and I honestly believe if I hadn't have found MCPs when I did; I wouldn't have my partner, my son, or quite possibly my own life.

I'm not saying they're for everyone, but from someone who's had his fair share of class A drugs; MCPs are certainly not in that category in any sense of the word or definition.

After the change in me, then witnessing what they've done for my sister; we realized we can't keep this a secret.

We believe Mushrooms Containing Psilocybin, is a medicine, is a key which everyone should know about.

A little about Michaela...

(She/Her) I'm 28 years old and am currently living in British Columbia, Canada, where previously I lived in Lower Hutt surrounded by majority of my family and friends.


I've struggled with mental illness long before my first professional diagnosis and prescription for medication.

After years of failed therapies and treatments, and having been on just about every medication and combination; I was out of options and at the end of my road.

Until I discovered the underground world of healing mental illness and trauma with Psilocybin; symptoms in my mental health I could never have imagined changing, started shifting.

After the changes in my mental health were seen; Zach formulated the idea that we should write a book about ours and other experiences.

From the moment we made this decision, the idea has only gained momentum and fallen into place.

I've always liked helping people, and have now found a way to try advocate for myself and others in similar situations.

Not only am I sharing my story, but have released my medical files from the health system alongside it, which are accessible with the purchase of our book.


Together we are passionate about raising awareness and providing a safe space for conversation about this topic.

We encourage any feedback, stories or contributions of your own.


We are not suggesting or recommending the use of Psilocybin or any other psychedelic drug medicinally or recreationally to our readers.

We are trying to bring attention to the use of Psilocybin being further researched and introduced in a clinical setting as an alternative to pharmaceutical medication.

About Us: About Us
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