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About Psilver Linings

Psilver Linings is New Zealand's most informative and educational, harm reduction site created to help local foragers educate themselves better, and to safely identify psychoactive mushroom species in NZ.


On their website, you will find the definitive record of NZ Psilocybes.

They take pride in having the most extensive and thorough database of psychoactive mushroom species currently confirmed in NZ, including amazing albums filled with stunning pictures to go with each species showing the diverse variation in phenotype of each species and varied habitats that each are found in, along with information on look-alike species that are often found cohabiting alongside active mushrooms in NZ.


The Psilver Linings organisation aims to reduce the harm caused by misidentification and misuse of psychoactive mushrooms, by way of delivering the most up-to-date and current knowledge available, concerning psychoactive mushroom species in New Zealand.


Endeavouring to do their best to stay abreast of new findings in the mycological world, concerning active species in NZ, and delivering this information as soon as such findings arise to their attention.

Their secondary aim is to help gain awareness around the benefits of Psilocybin/Psilocin, and its medicinal/therapeutic uses, and keep up to date on current studies that are taking place worldwide, along with their findings, to help break the stigma attached to these compounds.


This is so that the people in need of these treatments the most, might someday be able to gain access to these miraculous medicines provided to us by Mother Nature, in a safe and regulated manner. 

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