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  • When will I receive my copy of Blue Honey?
    You should receive your physical order within a couple of days of purchase (NZ customers and some overseas destinations). Please note this is Covid dependent and could be subject to change depending on our suppliers. Shipping timeframes are indicated in our shipping options in the checkout however please note and understand there may be delays due to Covid, especially if you're ordering from overseas. Digital orders and downloads are available on payment.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    We are working on it! Shipping overseas from New Zealand is expensive, so we are working on better worldwide distribution options, meaning your order will be sent out from overseas instead of NZ - we will keep you updated! In the meantime, if you are trying to order from overseas and your country/continent isn't available at the checkout - please fill out a contact form and let us know where you want to order from so we can do our best to add it as an option at checkout for you! ​ Overseas destinations currently offered: -Australia $18-$65 ($16-$59 AUD) TWO BOOKS MAX - If you would like to order more than 2 books to these destinations let us know. Overseas destinations via Amazon: -USA -UK -Germany -France -Spain -Italy -Netherlands -Poland -Sweden -Japan -Canada -Australia
  • What are the payment options?
    We accept card, PayPal, Afterpay and bank deposits as payments. All site prices are in NZD.
  • What is your return policy?
    We will be accepting returns in the rare case of damaged, faulty items. You can view our policy here.
  • International (Customs/Taxes etc)
    If you are ordering from outside New Zealand, international orders may be required to pay Inwards Goods Tax or Customs Fees. Blue Honey is not responsible for any Customs Fee's or Inwards Goods Taxes that may occur in your destination country upon arrival, please make sure you check with your local Customs Department surrounding any potential fees/taxes you may incur.
  • What is next for Blue Honey?
    We are constantly working behind the scenes on new ways to network, expand and raise awareness for healing with psilocybin and the psychedelic health community. We are seeking interest in any one else who has a story, journey or artwork to share to participate in a second volume.
  • I want to help, how can I contribute?
    Spread the word, raise awareness and share our platforms and our mission. Any contributions, ideas and suggestions are appreciated - and as we grow and become more involved with the awareness for psychedelic healing movement more opportunities will present themselves for us and for you!
  • What demographic are you intending to engage, is Blue Honey just for the younger generations?
    Not at all! Our book and our platform is for everyone. In our first volume a lot of the stories are from the younger generation, we would have liked to have a more diverse representation from middle aged and older contributors but unfortunately this was an unattainable goal as we simply could not find enough people willing to talk to us or to allow their story to be shared. For a starting point we managed to find 17 strangers willing to do just that which was a huge win for us, regardless of age. Now that we have launched, networked, gained some exposure and reputability we have hope that more people and from a much wider age range will be willing to come forward and talk to us. Our book and our platform is for everyone, we don't want you to feel excluded or that we are targeting the younger generation. You are all incredibly important to our journey, we want to hear you and to help give you a voice.
  • Can you help me to access Psilocybin, assisted therapy or treatment guidance or plans?
    We have to be clear that we can’t advocate, suggest you medicate or tell you where you can locate Psilocybin. We’ve got disclaimers all through our book and our platform - and we can’t put you, ourselves or our platform and mission at risk. What we can do is suggest you check out our website or book for more research, we have a good reference page on the site with information and insights. And we can also try to point you in the direction of some good Facebook groups and community pages (like harm reduction and Psilocybin discussion groups) where you can be best informed and learn more about this plant medicine. There is a lot of help available through these platforms. Although we can’t suggest or tell you to take Psilocybin we are very firm about harm reduction and for absolutely anybody, the more knowledge someone has about Psilocybin the more opportunity for us to push for change and the safer the community is. We have made a lot of sacrifices to try to spread this message and push for changes, and in doing so we have to be really careful in protecting our platform and the people who come in contact with us - psilocybin is still a class A substance in Aotearoa.

If you have any more questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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