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So my copy came this morning and it didn't touch the table before I finished it, absolutely flawless, powerful and brave!! Thank you Michaela and Zach and everyone featured for sharing these words, I cried, I felt and I'm proud for you.. I wish every kiwi could read this to break the stigma behind this medicine, law would be changed tomorrow if that was the case, Unfortunately it seems you're preaching to the choir but nonetheless you guys are doing amazing work at getting the word out there, keep it up!! Also big ups to the artists featured!! I will be sharing my copy with people who are not so inclined.. Mush love and thank you <3 <3

Mikee Wallison

Incredibly grateful to the amazing team behind Blue Honey for giving me the opportunity to share my story of healing with psilocybin.

Aotearoa is only one of two countries that still classifies psilocybin as a Class A/Schedule 1 substance, meaning research into its therapeutic benefits is not allowed, and possession of psilocybin containing mushrooms can carry a hefty jail term.

While globally the incredible power and value of psilocybin as a healing agent is being increasingly recognised and validated, here in New Zealand a lot of stigma and misunderstanding still surrounds its use.

This book draws together personal accounts of self-healing using psilocybin from folks all over Aotearoa.

Many of whom, like myself, have had their lives saved because of their journey.

Please support this incredible piece of work 

Mush love <3

Elin Arbez

A huge congratulations  to the two beautiful humans who created this masterpiece.. 2 years in the making!
A very 'first' for Aotearoa!
A collection of raw, honest and personal experiences from New Zealanders who have used/currently use Psilocybin to treat their mental health.
I wholeheartedly believe that this book has the potential to save lives.
Please show them some love and support. This is incredibly close to my heart. Thank you

Maia Minerva

"Fantastic book and a milestone for Kiwi Mental Health!
A truly fascinating book of anecdotes from regular New Zealanders who have benefited from searching for natural alternatives to help with their mental health journey. 
Really looking forward to learning more about how psilocybin can help with GAD, major depressive disorder and POCD and how it can possibly be a future alternative to the awful mainstream antidepressants that have terrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms."

Phillip Parkinson

So many heart-warming and inspiring stories.  It's just so frustrating that this amazing plant is still illegal with so many people getting profound benefits from her.

Jax Fisher-Bayley

Beautiful, human stories of finding relief and joy using psilocybin.

Linda Curtis

Thank you for stepping out, stepping up and telling everyone about this and how it can help people. Hopefully this book can give more people a better understanding.
Not only has this book given me a better understanding of mental health, Psilocybin and MCP as a medicine, but its given me a better understanding of myself.

Blue Campbell

Such an incredible and inspiring book! Definitely worth the read! Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories - it’s an incredibly brave thing to do. This book had me in all the feels. It brought clarity to feelings and things I have struggled with through my depression and anxiety but I didn’t fully understand or know how to put it into words. Before reading this book I knew nothing about Psilocybin. Now that I’ve read Blue Honey and gained some knowledge about Psilocybin and it’s proven positive effects I’m surprised that it’s considered a class A drug and is not legally being used to treat mental illnesses. Laws need to change. This book has the power to make a much needed impact.


I've read Blue Honey – except for the one titled Psychedelic Bitchslap. Using a word in the title that is usually a slur on a woman (and is a description of the sex of a dog) and adding 'slap', put me off that particular chapter. A bad experience is a bad experience – it does not have a gender. 
But for the rest, they are excellent. Insightful and illuminating on a topic I knew little about which is always a good experience. I also admire the courage of the writers in telling their story. It can't have been easy. I feel much more informed. The only hallucinatory experience I ever had was when I had a blood infection and was in hospital and they gave me an antibiotic that made me hallucinate. When I told them they acted swiftly, they couldn't do anything about the antibiotic, it had to run its course, so they gave me a sleeping pill which at least sent me to sleep so I wasn't seeing large black rats with red eyes on the ceiling plus other unpleasant images. When I woke all was normal. 
It was really great to read Blue Honey and to learn of experiences that not only turned out well for people but also gave them courage and purpose for the future. 
I liked the artwork very much, so imaginative and attractive, congratulations to all the artists. And as I said, I love the title. It caught my attention immediately. I will remember Blue Honey if there's ever a referendum.


A great book, true stories of real people who were brave enough to help themselves, and the fungi that gave them a nudge or two in the right direction.

Hich Rolmes

What an exceptional book. Well thought out and crafted expertly to shine a light on the amazing powers held by the amazing MCP. A story that is little known to the world but with this book more can be helped and healed.


Didn't really know what to expect when I ordered it. But really enjoyed the stories and deeply related to some. It's been awesome to show my family and friends to hopefully change public opinion on MCP. 
Thanks guys

Rhys Hatton

I found this book very helpful in showing me the range of experences NZers had with using Psilobycin in helping them recover from anxiety, depression, PTSD and addictions. Their honesty in sharing their stories and the authors in publishing this book was truly appreciated. It's given me hope that there is a more creative and spiritual option for recovery from addiction, and dependence on anti-depressants. Ngā mihi nui to everyone involved in getting these stories out, Shonagh

Shonagh Lindsay

My copy arrived today. I always feel that a good sign of how much I value a book is in how I physically look after it. That book is being so treasured, it's like I'm handling a priceless rare artifact in a museum. It just has so much meaning and depth to it. It's such a brave and bold move that you both went through in dreaming up this idea, and it's incredible to hold it in my hands.

Richard Deihl

As I read through so many inspiring stories alongside my own contribution piece, I found I stopped feeling so much like an outcast and an outsider, when it comes to the use of PCM for mental health. I come from a family who are all dead against any mind altering substance, apart from alcohol, and I've always felt a subconscious guilt at using mushrooms for healing the way I do. 

In fact, as a result of this I started having bad experiences with mushrooms and had to stop using them in high enough doses to be truly helpful. But the book has helped me overcome a lot of this. 

A few weeks ago I had my first ever proper trip since my bad one in 2020, and I credit Blue Honey and the amazing stories to making it possible. The trip was extremely insightful and full of a-ha moments.

You guys have already surpassed what I thought could be possible in this country as it is. I would love to see a movement created as a result of this incredible book.


A must-read for anyone with an interest in the future of mental health treatment in New Zealand (or generally). This look into the experiences of kiwi's self-healing through psilocybin is hopefully the beginning of an under-researched, but incredibly important, field in New Zealand. Highly recommend.

Daisy Lutyens

This was a very interesting book, I found myself glued to it and read it in one go. I have struggled for Years with PTSD, depression and anxiety and since becoming a mum these have all become a daily struggle. Pharmaceutical medications leave me feeling numb and not present, Blue honey was very eye opening about the fact something NATURAL could help. My mother and sister inlaw also read it, we all loved it. Thank you for sharing something so heartfelt.


Such an amazing collection of stories, this book is so well put together.  I will be sharing my book with others I know it will help, and recommending to others to buy it!  It’s awesome that alternative ways of healing are being talked about, thank you to all that helped put it together!


Amazing!! I’ve already let two people borrow it!


Blue Honey is a brave step into the conversation about the therapeutic effects MCP can provide.
The personal stories in this book are a drop in the ocean of people who have turned to MCP and found a lifeline, and healing. When people are suffering mentally, emotionally or physically, and the options on offer by the health system and pharmaceutical industry do not help, it is unacceptable for the government to ignore an available therapy and to keep it classed as illegal and off the table.
When the status quo of any situation is broken, it takes strong and courageous people to stand up, speak out and be a catalyst for change. Zach and Michaela are two such people, and their compassion and desire to take this conversation mainstream and instigate a review of our outdated views and laws regarding MCP is inspiring.

Debbie Laing

Thank you for your super fast service and beautiful book. I love that you hand write a quote if asked. It's such an intimate look at a tremendously difficult personal decision in the current climate - to pursue well-being despite the risks. Definitely worth having a copy to hold.

A Tapara

A moving book that really inspired me to continue on my quest that I have previously been on - of helping healing my mental health using Mushrooms Containing Psilocybin!

Katerina Beu

Once I received this book I could NOT put it down and I am not usually a reader…In fact this is the first book I have read since being in high school! It was such an eye opening experience reading all the different chapters. I am so in awe of those that shared their vulnerabilities, especially Michaela. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE!

Ashley Knight

A great read, no matter your previous opinion/ experience with mental health and or psilocybin it’s a very thought provoking read that I highly recommend anyone grab a copy. Thanks to the author’s and all those who contributed to this book hopefully it helps spark some change

Neil Hunter

An amazing and courageous exploration into the lived experiences of healing with psilocybin mushrooms - this is a must-read for anyone in Aotearoa New Zealand who is interested in conversations at the intersections of mental health, ecological healing and collectively addressing the oppressive War on Drugs that so often dominates current attitudes and practice of mental health and healing.

Alice McSherry

I found the book attractive and appealing to read, through the use of clear typeset on nice white paper with a good font size, the cover and general artwork. 
The information about Psilocybin at the start of the book was clear and useful. Within that I also liked the appeal you made for information and professional medical advise to be made legally available for anyone considering using psychedelics like Psilocybin.
I found that the stories people told of their psychological nightmares to be graphic and harrowing, with a solid ring of authenticity. And then I found their life saving experiences of the theraputic use of Psilocybin to be uplifting and a message of hope for untreated people going through unbearable and life threatening suffering.   
The book adds to many other stories I have studied online both in print (e.g. a 'Stuff' online article/videos) and on YouTube videos (e.g. a London Hospital Psilocybin trial). I feel that there is enough evidence from private testimonials and medical trials overseas,  for the New Zealand government combined with health professionals to have a commission of enquiry into Psilocybin and psychedelics in general, with the goal of considering making Psilocybin legally available for suitably qualified health professionals to use, both in private practice and in the New Zealand government's mental health services.

I would like to see some stories added to the book from psychiatric health professionals either here in New Zealand, overseas, or both, to pass on their professional knowledge, thoughts and opinions, including any information from Psilocybin trials they have been involved in. 
The personal testimonies in the book make powerful reading and if their stories were combined with stories from health professionals, then even stronger evidence and influence would be made available towards the potential incorporation of Psilocybin and other psychedelics  into mainstream psychiatric heath services in New Zealand. 
Like anything new, time and use in professional theraputic sessions, would bring more refined knowledge and reveal what true potential Psilocybin has to heal, deeply damaged and desperate minds.

Phil Corfield

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